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The Future Of Savvy on The Bay

I know that many of you will be concerned about the future of Savvy on the Bay.

You have supported us because you love Savvy on the Bay and we are so thankful for your support.

From the inception of planning the food truck park and communicating with the food vendors we made them aware that the site was a temporary site. What is not temporary is that we desire the best for them especially as they have stood strong with us though this troubling time.

We are also very moved by the outpouring of support from our very loyal customers. So many of you have come to visit and voice your support and concern. I have watched as a loyal customer walked around for hours asking persons to sign the petition. We have visited stores where we have been told “bring the petition we will fill it”. We have been contacted by persons wanting to organize a march. The support has been overwhelming and it has been encouraging to see Bajans standing up for what they believe.

We fully appreciate in many ways what the Government is trying to do is NOT just to the owner of Savvy On The Bay. It affects so many of us.

The truth is that we have very little control over what will happen. Indeed there is strength in numbers but at the end of the day the government will do what they want wether it is right or wrong, lawful or unlawful which will have to be determined in a court.

My main reason for writing this particular blog post is to say we hear you and we do care and we care in more than words.

When I first became involved in the project at the very first meeting I expressed that I wanted to ensure that an area of land be preserved for the public of Barbados. It was a desire that was happily supported by all in the meeting. It was at that time the Government was offered by the development to put in Parking, showers and washrooms along with disabled access to the beach for the people of Barbados.

Though we are Barbadians we are not residents to the community of Bay Street and it is my belief that if you are going into a community to develop a project you must consider your community and how that development will affect them. So we wanted to make sure they would have continued access to the beach and an area to rest and relax and for children to play and learn.

We now have a new community at Savvy on the Bay and we must also consider how future development will affect them. Though the hope is still to be able to build Condos we have reduced the scale of the development considerably. It was always the plan to have food vendors on the Jetty but we have also ensured that we have included a vendors space on land in our proposals to the government which have ALL gone in acknowledged and therefore we have not received any comment on them.

Here is a copy of the proposal submitted after the government stated their intentions to acquire the land. Please note the area can be landscaped and the structures placed in different locations but it will show you that we have tried at every point to find a way to compromise and make the development work for everyone.

Download DOCX • 13.92MB

We do not know what the future holds but we hope that it includes better and brighter days ahead for ALL who are a part of SAVVY on the Bay. We hope that at least some of what has been created can be preserved and that more opportunities and employment can be created by additional development that would benefit all.

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